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Web Designer

St. John's, NL

Weave your web with us -
Web Designer Needed

You weave wonderful websites. Front-end development is your forte and you're the ultimate detail freak. Sound like you? Then send your resume to Prime Creative. We're looking for a Web Designer to join our team. We're a great place to work, so give us a shout. Prime may be just the place where a digital dude or diva like you can shine.

Why Work With Us?

  • We've got an awesome roster of clients.
  • Attractive salary and benefits package – pension plan/health/dental.
  • Summer hours – off at 1:30 on Fridays.

What You'll Do.

  • Work with creative team to develop spectacular websites.
  • Bring creative designs to life with visual and graphic elements.
  • Apply your creative skills to enhance design as required.

What You'll Need.

  • Creativity and a keen sense of design.
  • A diploma in web development/design/programming.
  • Front-end web development experience.
  • Proficiency in current web development techniques.
  • Understanding of design, brand aesthetics, and user experience is an asset.
  • A strong focus on delivering quality innovative solutions.
  • The ability to work with a team, under pressure of deadlines, can do attitude, yaddah-yaddah…you gotta be good.

This position is being offered in either our St. John's location and is a permanent, full time position. Please e-mail your application to by May 10, 2016, to


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Careers, Partnership Builder

Partnership Builder

St. John's, Newfoundland & Labrador

Show us your know-how & grow-how.

Partnership Builder Wanted

Some wait for opportunity to come knocking, but you'd rather beat the streets and rustle up opportunities on your own. You can't wait to make the next move, and move us to the next level. You're driven to drive new business, and you revel in wrangling new contacts, networking, shaking hands and rubbing elbows with the best of them.

You get our vibe, add to our office, and your nose for new leads is legendary. But, you're no one trick pony. Wearing the client services hat you can do it all, from writing proposals and drafting budgets to sealing the deals.

As our Business Development Specialist you will bring a business degree, 2-5 years experience and gold medal multitasking skills. Sales experience would be an asset.

Primary responsibilities will include:

  • Prepare proposals and budgets for new business development.
  • Develop and maintain high-level client relations with existing and potential clients.
  • Conduct research and prepare quotes to support the development of proposals for new business opportunities.
  • Network with new and existing clients.


Email your resume by May 10, 2016 to

This position is at our St. John's, NL office and is being offered as a permanent, full time position.
Prime is an equal opportunity employer offering a competitive salary and excellent benefits package.

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The Power of Attorneys, Prime Creative Stories
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The Power of Attorneys

Branding O'Dea Earle Law Offices

In the marketing world, law firm branding just may be one of the most challenging endeavors. There's a sea of legal advertising out there, and most of it has fallen prey to the usual suspects - too generic, no differentiating factor, and a cheese element that's downright criminal. We've all seen the Hammer Shapiros, the Pitbull Attorneys, the Swindlers and Sheisters, but while those ads may be funny, even a little creative, their effectiveness is questionable. These were the pitfalls we needed to avoid when O'Dea Earle, one of St. John's most established and respected law firms, came to us.

Our particular challenge was the current saturation of legal advertising in the local market. It wasn't enough to get O'Dea Earle into this arena. They had to stand out. So we devoted ourselves to the project like law students preparing for the bar. We analyzed and critiqued the competitors' marketing efforts, seeing what seemed to work and what didn't. Most importantly, we met with the lawyers of O'Dea Earle. These lawyers, as a team and as individuals, convey a sense of self-assuredness and toughness that really makes you want them on your side. They are imposing and impressive. We recognized this to be O'Dea Earle's salient attribute. The campaign became "Make it our Fight", a call for consumers to recognize the importance of particular experience and personality when it comes to choosing a lawyer. Just having any lawyer isn't enough to ensure success - you need a fighter, a proven player. This is the message the new campaign conveys.

It's all part of making O'Dea Earle an active brand, bolstered by the trust and confidence they inspire in the TV spots and other materials. Of Course, O'Dea Earle's strength, dedication and fortitude are attributes they perfected long ago. We just helped them get the word out.

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How Ralph revamps airline advertising
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Lofty ambitions

How Ralph would revamp airline advertising

Airline advertising, just like air travel, used to be sexy. Hopping a plane was all about dressing up. Feeling important. Being waited on. Silverware. Even smoking. Now I can't remember the last time I saw an airline ad. Or thought flying was glamorous. What I do remember is the anticipation before my first ever plane ride as a nine year old. The childish wonder. The curiosity. And feeling so jealous of my sister's new travel purse. I based it all on 70s ads I'd seen on TV and in the Reader's Digest. Ads that promised an adventure, an experience in itself. Flying had a mystique. A garrish polyester one, but a mystique all the same. Those ads didn't disappoint. Getting there really was half the fun.

You may say flying isn't so much fun in times where the only consideration for consumers is getting from a to b as cheaply as possible. Where the in-flight meal of Beef Bourguignon has given way to overbooking and body cavity searches. But I say airlines need to bring sexy back somehow, even for us shmucks in economy. Heck, you've got a flying machine after all! Make me want to fly again just for the experience. Personally, I'd love to work on a campaign that aimed to elevate the image of today's airline. We don't need an ad that looks like a perfume commercial at 35 thousand feet to do it, just one that lifts you and takes you someplace, before you even get there. Isn't that what all advertising should do?

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A look at digital gamification
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Game on for Shoppers

A look at digital gamification

What is the latest buzzword in the digital realm? Gamification. If you remember the term 'edutainment', you're on the right track - well, sort of. Whereas edutainment was making education fun, gamification is about brands making a strong connection with customers through fun and games.

This month saw JetBlue launch a streamed live game show in a retro style. The show, shown at aimed to connect with its customers by engaging them with a light-hearted and fun game, while promoting vacation packages in the form of prizes.

But gamification doesn't end with parodies of 70's game shows on stand-alone sites, rather gamification has branched out into the app world in a big way. Recently, Lipton's Brisk brand embraced the use of games to help connect with customers through a series of commercials on TV featuring an epic battle between Yoda and Darth Maul and backed up the ads with a free app that allowed for further user interactivity in the battle and with the brand. Using the loyalty of Star Wars fans, Brisk had found a unique way to connect with an entire audience who otherwise may not have been exposed to their brand.

In the years to come, we can only expect that gamification will continue to expand - helping brands through not only advertising and promotion, but also how users physically experience the attributes that are at their product's core. After all, it may take some time, but savvy marketers will learn what those with a controller in their hands have known for years - games are fun.

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