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Munn Insurance has long been part of the insurance landscape in Newfoundland and Labrador. The company had excellent name recognition, but Munn was having difficulty standing out from the pack. When consumers were asked to name insurance companies in the market, Munn always topped the list. Prime’s challenge was to create a reason for customers to call Munn for their insurance needs. We needed to demonstrate Munn’s competitive advantage with a unique voice.

Munn Insurance had excellent brand recognition, but needed a unique proposition to stand out from the competition.

Munn’s brand recognition stemmed from successfully operating in the market for decades. Our strategy was to capitalize on the positive brand attributes and differentiate their product offerings with a creative approach that was unique to the market.

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social media services, design, industry, engagement, paid ads, engagement services

Munn’s unbeatable benefits, such as “The Best Car Insurance” and “The Best Older Home Insurance” were translated across billboards, online and on social media platforms, in addition to YouTube pre-roll videos highlighting customer benefits that no other competitor in the market possessed. Clear benefits were now expressed through Munn’s marketing materials, and, with maximized SEO, more consumer traffic was directed to Munn’s revamped website.


With an expertly designed brand refresh, content overhaul and succinct brand plan, Munn Insurance regained its rightful place as a clear choice for insurance consumers. Now in possession of a thoughtfully crafted digital presence, Munn Insurance is generating leads – and leading the industry – like never before.