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The Family Practice Renewal Program aims to improve primary health care outcomes through a renewed focus on family practice reform in Newfoundland and Labrador. This required a website that effectively conveyed the benefits of the program to family physicians and the public, in addition to introducing family physicians to key resources and information sharing mechanisms that promote collaboration with regional health care authorities.

The Family Practice Renewal Program needed a website that would inform doctors and the general public on the benefits of this transformative initiative.

Website Design and Development. Custom WordPress Theme.

With communication and collaboration as key for the new program’s success, Prime developed a website that fosters both. Seamless conveyance of information is paramount. Copy and messaging free from jargon, integral resources and forms placed front and centre, logical categories, and a highly organized site map provide users with an intuitive experience as they are familiarized with the program.

For enhanced engagement, the website also features Prime-produced videos showcasing essential elements of the program. Combined with an inviting design and attractive photography, the result is a fully responsive, custom-built website that effectively promotes this important initiative.

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