The Big Lift: October 2014 – Present

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In early 2015, Halifax Harbour Bridges (HHB) embarked on one of their biggest initiatives since the building of the MacKay Bridge – the replacement of the suspended spans of the Macdonald Bridge. This is only the second time in history that the deck of a suspension bridge has been replaced while remaining open to traffic. The work on the Bridge will span 18 months with the majority of the work happening during the night and on weekend closures.

This is only the second time in history that the deck of a suspension bridge has been replaced while remaining open to traffic.

Knowing that this project was going to attract a lot of attention from Bridge users (vehicle and pedestrian) as well as the media and general public, and knowing that “The Macdonald Bridge suspended span re-decking project” was a complicated name for the project, HHB asked for our help in developing a name and identity for the project.

thebigliftbrandingWhen developing a name for the project, we knew that we needed to come up with a name that not only captured what the redecking involved but also captured the magnitude and wonder of the project. Knowing that this project was going to cause disruption to many who use the bridge on a daily basis, we wanted to position and create a sense of wonder and awe about the project. If we could educate the public and get them to understand the truly unique and big undertaking that was about to happen, we could shift any negative reactions to positive. The name we developed for the project was “The Big Lift”.

  • The word “Big” spoke to the overall undertaking – something really big/significant was going to be taking place in Halifax.
  • The actual deck segments that are being replaced are very large.
  • Each new deck segment would be lifted into place from a barge in the water.
  • At the end of the project, the entire bridge will be lifted to allow for higher clearance for large ships using the harbour.


In addition to the naming of the project, we also developed a logo, look and feel and collateral materials – trade show booth, brochures, PowerPoint templates and video and communications support. We have developed radio campaigns, print ads and online ads designed to get the public excited and keep them informed about The Big Lift project. In addition, we have developed an app for the Big Lift that will keep the public informed about the project and provide them with up-to-date information on Bridge closures. The media and public were quick to pick up on the Brand and make The Big Lift part of their communications. Our work with Halifax Harbour Bridges has also included the redesign and development of their website as well as the design and printing of their annual report.


The name of the campaign was quickly endorsed by the client and was immediately picked up and used by the media. Overall, through their continued communication with the public, HHB has received little negative feedback from the public. The project is being embraced by the city and people are excited about watching this miraculous project unfold.


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