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Making Dough from Digital.

With a loyal consumer base and enviable market position, Purity was ready to expand its delicious offerings into the digital landscape. With the goal of achieving younger customer demographics, the priority was to effectively promote Purity products in a modern context, without abandoning the time-honored charm of the brand. Shifting to a digitally based marketing strategy, Purity needed a website responsive to different needs and different devices, as the business aggressively targeted new demographics, search leads, and social media opportunities.

Ready for digital, Purity needed a robust online presence that connected with their loyal customer base.

Prime approached the Purity Factories website as a challenge that was fluid and growing. Required was a web structure allowing for continuous changes to content, layout, and functionality. We leveraged new product photography by Prime and cross-platform content to remodel the user-experience. Then we combined attractive design with scrumptious photography, within a strategic message designed to increase Purity’s loyal consumer base.

As a development base for the new website, we knew we needed to be content managed, SEO minded, photo and video rich and entirely responsive to today’s and tomorrow’s devices. Once a strong base was developed, we began to shape the website to the client’s needs for each successive campaign. Whether mixing in the digital space or a traditional platform, the website adapts to fit the needs of each. The website has even expanded its scope of functionality, by growing to add new applications, like their popular e-Commerce store.

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