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Founded in 1971 in Norman’s Cove, Newfoundland and Labrador, Smith Snacks is a true local success story. As market leader, Smith Snacks needed a modern website which correctly aligned their digital presence with that position. Prime had previously updated the visual elements of the business, including a vibrant marketing and packaging refresh. Now the priority was a website showcasing the quality of their products, while communicating a commitment to excellence within the new brand context.

A website developed with good old fashioned family value and ideals.

For Smith Snacks, Prime provided a content managed website featuring Smith’s products and process, within the context of a dominant market position. Carefully crafted messaging focused on the family values of hard work, attention to detail, and high quality offerings Smith Snacks is known for. We reinforced this message with the addition of over 50 new product photos and videos for the website, with nearly 100 engaging images across all platforms.

The new website was search engine optimized, placing Smith Snacks in its rightful position at the top of search results. In addition, the website was developed with digital campaigns in mind, creating opportunity for unique landing pages as needed. Responsive across all platforms, appealing and fresh, Smith Snack’s new website amplifies the brand and provides increased opportunity for quotes and sales.

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